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manufacture heavy duty industrial grade hose reels, cord reels and cable reels of the highest quality. The extensive selection of reels includes spring retractable hose reels and electric extension cord reels, hand crank hose reels and cable reels, motor driven hose reels electric and hydraulic as well as the patented EZ-Coil Safety Series retractable hose reels with controlled rewind.


Living the philosophy of building the best hose, cord and cable reels…always! Great pride is taken in designing, building and supplying the world’s finest reels for the Australian market.

CUSTOMER SERVICE & ENGINEERING DEPARTMENTS will work closely with our customers in identifying their special needs and application requirements that are not offered as standard catalogue items. We regularly fulfill special requests from customers for application-based custom designs. If you do not find the exact item you need in our catalogue, let us develop a custom reel for your special needs.

SS Series “Stainless Steel” hand crank and spring driven hose reels have similar features to their related series, but are constructed of high quality electro-polished stainless steel with stainless steel fluid paths. They offer clean, non-corrosive performance in applications that require it, such as food and chemical processing.

 EZ-Coil Safety Series Super Hub spring driven retractable hose reels have a larger chassis and frame to accommodate longer lengths and larger diameters of hose. The added feature of Coxreels patented EZ-Coil controlled retraction controls the spring driven rewind to 80% slower than that of a conventional hose reel to promote operator safety, hose reel longevity and protect expensive dispensing equipment attached to the hose

There’s a 

 for every purpose! Industrial Grade Air Hose Reels, Water Hose Reels, Oil Hose Reels, Grease Hose Reels, Hydraulic Hose Reels, Fuel Hose Reels, Oxy Acetylene Hose Reels, Vacuum Hose Reels, Welding Cable Reels, Stainless Steel Hose Reels, Aluminium Hose Reels, and more.

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